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The biggest problem with designing your own website is that you look at it more than other sites. It’s personal so you scrutinise it. And you see things you’d like to change and see things you just don’t like. When I designed the first logo site it was done really quickly. I had left a previous job and thought I’d take some time to design everything. But as it so often happens in life, I was approached to do some work and I realised I needed to get something out there. So the logo and site happened really quickly.

We’re big fans of simple design so that means editing. Edit out the unnecessary without sacrificing good design and function.
And so, begins the journey to keep it fresh.

While I generally liked most of it, there were a lot of little things I felt needed changing. Instead of a full redesign I decided on a facelift. So I started with the logo.

old logo

My favourite part of the original logo was the brain bomb. I liked the style and the message. Web design is the merging of the logical and the creative. Originally the name was Aesthetic Logic. Sounds great but “aesthetic” is hard to spell and made for a terrible domain name.

So, after much brainstorming, LiveFuse was born. It comes from the idea that when a fuse is lit it’s full of this potential to be explosive. The “Brain Bomb” logo is where these ideas come together. It’s logic mixed with creativity full of explosive potential.

A quote from our about page.

LiveFuse Logo

What I didn’t like was that the “LiveFuse” and “web studio” were off balance to fit around the fuse. I also felt that the whole thing became cluttered at a small scale.

Enter the new, fresh Brain Bomb logo. I kept what I liked and threw out what I didn’t.
I extended the fuse so that LiveFuse could cut through it. I curved “web studio” under it.

And so began the redesign.

header redesigned
The new universal hero header

A while back, I was playing with some 3D mockup software. I created a laptop with a dummy website on the screen. On a whim I attached a balloon to it and made it look like it was floating. And that’s where “web design… elevated” came from.

So I rebuilt the header with a flat, layered cloud background and kept the floating balloon. It’s animated to move slowly up and down enhancing the floating effect. On our previous site I admittedly got a bit heavy handed with animations and it’s scaled back in the redesign.

(The main header is replaced by the post featured image and title on posts. To see it, navigate to any other page.)

To the left is our tagline “Web Design… Elevated”. Then a scroll down indicator. It’s generally assumed that most people now know to instinctively scroll down on thew web. But we’re firm believers in “don’t make me think” so I decided to add the small visual cue.
In keeping with the elevated theme I stayed with the lighter background of white. Leaving plenty white space for everything to breath.

redesigned about section
The new intro section

Next I tackled the home page. This is the first page most visitors land on so I usually give it a little extra attention.

Even though there’s a more in depth about page I always work on the assumption that someone might only land on the home page. A short intro or mission statement right at the top gives you a chance to grab them right off the bat.

I kept it brief, simply explaining the core of our mission. At the end, a few links to main pages and our social media pages (which you should go and like when you have a chance). It’s more than just about adding links to pages but it creates important SEO links.

redesigned core services
Redesigned core services section

The most important section. The showcase of the core services offered. This is a touch on. You want to add as much detail as possible but you also don’t want essays. It takes some work to edit these down.

There are plenty of mockups out there. You can download things like laptop mockups and change the screen. But often, finding the right postion with the right lighting etc can be tough. These were made using Adobe Dimension. It lets me setup a device in 3D, change materials, what’s on the screen, even add a little decal to the glass.

I love how these came out. On the white background it makes them look like they’re floating. Mirroring the elevated theme.
Each service has a nice bold title, brief description of the service and a price. Clean, simple and to the point.

Redesigned more section
New more services section

Finally, we have the more services section. I wanted to show some of the extra services we offer but that didn’t qualify as core services. All of these are complementary to our core services but also work as standalone services.

And so we come to the end of the tour. Not quite. This is just the beginning. We’ll be back in a few days with part 2.

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