I’ll Do It Myself

You need a website so you go online and look at your options. You find a bunch of site builders that allow you to quickly build a site. You ask yourself why you need to pay a professional to do it if you can just do it yourself.

While they seem like the perfect solution, there are a lot of downsides to trying to DIY something as complex as a website.
Some of them create websites with bad layout or design.
Even if your site visitors aren’t designers, they usually have a natural sense of when things look wrong. They might not know why but it feels off and away they go. Never to come back. What you might thinks works might not create a good user experience.
Most of them promise they’re SEO friendly but they simply aren’t. Almost without exception, they have terrible underlying code.
All things that hurt your ranking on search engines and cost you conversions.
Ideally, when you hire a professional you’re not just hiring them to make something that looks good. You’re trusting them to create a good user experience that performs well. For both your visitors and on search engines.
There are a huge amount of things involved in building a good website. You simply can’t expect a site builder to get it right.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

If you need help with a DIY site or want to avoid the problem altogether, contact us or click here to start a WhatsApp Chat.

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