Learning animation
[Part 1]

The beginning

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know I’m busy with some site tweaks. I recently started to change up the portfolio page. I thought what better way to show a website than a video of the site. So I grabbed some screen recording software. After a little playing around I’d recorded my first video which you can check out here…

The first video of a client website.

I had a huge amount of fun so I decided to try my hand at a very basic logo animation. This was also a lot of fun but definitely needs improvement. Practice makes perfect (or at least better) as they say.

Watch the very cool video to the left. It’s got music, a hand grenade, an explosion and cool sound effects.

In a Flash

Then I decided I wanted to learn web animation. The CSS animations and interactions I sometimes use on sites are great but not the same thing. I want to be able to create animated scenes with interactions. So I downloaded Adobe Animate. Previously Adobe Flash.

I got my hands on a basic course and here’s the result so far. Right now it’s just a little green alien, the ground, some mountains and a rock pile. Next I’ll animate him. What’s he going to do? Well that would ruin the surprise. You’ll need to read future blog posts to find out….

A cartoon alien on a rocky planet
And so it begins. What will our alien do?

To be continued….

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