Expensive isn’t always better (and vice versa)

My father started his working career at the age of 16 (it was a different time) as a banker. 46 years in the financial industry made him frugal and financially intelligent. I really should have listened to his lessons while he was still alive but you know how you are when you’re you. You know all of the things.

As I get older I find more and more of what he taught me coming to mind. There are a few I remember almost every day and they’ve served me well. One in particular comes to mind.

Quality costs more.

This has always been true but more and more we’re seeing things like planned obsolescence in things that we spent more on for the quality. We’re buying it for the quality and just after the warranty runs out, it breaks. Things are made to break. To make you spend more.
I also think that, in general, it’s harder to find decent quality and service.

When I was young and moving out on my own, I got my late grandmother’s Hoover fridge. At that point it must have been at least 10 years old. I went on to use it for another 15 years before selling it. It had never had a service or repair.
I can’t even imagine anything you could buy now lasting anywhere close to that.

So too with service. It’s rare these days to find good service anywhere. I always do my research before buying a product or using a service. I check as many reviews as possible. I’m sometimes surprised when people praise a service that is what I would consider the norm. We’re so used to bad service that we find any good service amazing.

Just look at tattoos. In general you’ll find most artists charge roughly the same hourly. But you’ll see vastly different quality levels regardless of the price. You might even see an artist charge the highest rate and deliver the worst tattoo.

So my father’s lesson is still true but not as much as it used to be. Price isn’t always a measure of quality. Expensive isn’t always better.

It’s rare but it can go the other way. It’s possible to find quality for a lower price. A few years ago I bought a Google Nexus 5 phone. I think I paid R5000 and while it didn’t have the best camera or speaker, it competed with some expensive flagships. It took a while to feel it’s age. I used that phone for 5 years.
Recently, after the Nexus 5’s battery wasn’t lasting anymore, I bought a new phone. I got a OnePlus 6. As close to a flagship killer as you could find and half the price. Actually beating out phones much more expensive.

One of the core ideals I’ve always held is that you can deliver quality and you can do it for a fair and reasonable price.

That’s what LiveFuse is all about. High quality websites delivered quickly and at a reasonable price. I remember another lesson from my father. If your prices are reasonable and you offer value the not only will people come back but they’ll tell people about you.
It takes a little more work and time but I much prefer it that way. I get a kick out of a hearing how happy a client is because the price wasn’t as high or I delivered faster than they expected.

Take a look at what we offer or contact us to find out how we can give you quality service at a reasonable price.

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